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The hardest part use to be knowing where to start and how – not anymore thanks to the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network!

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is home for solopreneurs who are ambitious, who think differently, and who basically say, "why not?" 

The Network provides entrepreneurs with a safe, positive, resourceful online co-working space where they can connect – both online & in-person. Members will establish new relationships and find resources they need for their business.

Join the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network today!

Each member at their core is what we call a Y-Notter. A Y-Notter is someone who is ready to take on the world and see what kind of impact they can make today, not someday! 

In order to keep moving forward with your business you MUST surround yourself with the right people and resources both online and offline. 

Members of the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network will...

  • Connect with fellow entrepreneurs both online and offline (in their local area)
  • Discover resources that take their business to the next level
  • Have a safe, positive, co-working space online 

Start here. Start today. 

Start with the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network!

Connect, Collaborate & Create with other entrepreneurs inside!

About Ed Troxell

Hi, my name is Ed Troxell, Founder of Ed Troxell Creative, and your Technology Confidence Coach – helping make technology stupid easy for small businesses everywhere. I’m the proud creator of the Yes to Entrepreneurship brand. 

My goal is to connect entrepreneurs – also known as a "Y-Notter" – both online and in-person through the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network. 

I’ve been working with small business owners for over 12 years now – mentoring, coaching and even providing tech support. I bring a unique set of skills to the table (like a Swiss Army knife) that is sure to be a game changer for any business.

My world revolves around entrepreneurship and making business online easy so that no one is held back by technology. 

The goal here: To empower the next generation of solopreneurs – you the Y-Notters – by connecting them with other like-minded individuals who are just as excited, passionate, crazy creative, and down right ready to change the world! 

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is a place to connect and learn from each other. The Hey Ed Community is a place for business owners to get dedicated support from me!  

Entrepreneurship is not easy especially if you go at it alone. The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is here to change that, to bring solopreneurs closer, and to ultimately deepen relationships which in turn creates partnerships. 

Like I always say, teamwork equals success! 

Join the network today!


Ed has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, a Sales & Marketing certification, was Publisher of MIX IT UP Magazine, and has worked for small and large businesses including Apple Inc. Ed also runs an online community called, Hey Ed, which provides small business owners with tech support, social media marketing, and general business advice.

Featured in: Funnel Magazine, Huffington Post, Biz Talk Podcast, Fit Talk Radio, The Story Engine, The Entrepreneur Way Podcast, Smart Web Creators, What's Your Next Move Podcast.

A Big Thank You!

Since you're here I want to take a moment to say, thank you!

Thank you for checking out what the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network has to offer and for considering sharing this out with your community both online and offline.

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