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Yes to Entrepreneurship Network

Yes to Entrepreneurship Network

Making Tech Easy for Small Business Owners

Everything involves tech which makes running a business these days more challenging – especially when the technology is supposed to make our lives easier yet we still want to put our hair out as we yell sweet nothings at our devices because the "thingy" isn't working and we don't know why.

We get it! Tech is great when it works but man, when it doesn't (which seems often right?) it brings on a bunch of headaches that frankly we just don't have time for – we just want to run our business, make customers happy, and keep the lights on!

So when tech doesn't work... 

Where do you go – Google? YouTube? The neighbor's granddaughter Sally? 

Sure those are all great resources but who has the time and mental space to search, sort, review, and hopefully find an answer that you can understand and implement?

Let's face it... 

The struggle is real - trying to keep up with today's technology while trying to run a business online is...

  • Hard
  • Stressful
  • Complicated
  • Overwhelming
  • And it all takes so much time (valuable, billable, time) 

What if... 

You found that "genie in a bottle" only instead of asking for 3 wishes you could ask whatever questions that come up in your business and he will provide you with a solution? 

What if...

You found a safe place online where you can feel supported and could ask your questions without the fear of being judged? 

What if...

You were part of a network that not only provided you with solutions but also trained you on the latest advances in tech to help keep your business up-to-date in a very approachable way?

Welcome to the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network where we make tech easy for small business owners. 

The Yes to Entrepreneurship Network is a place where Y-Notter's (you the small business owner, the entrepreneur) go to get connected with the right resources that help you keep your business moving forward with technology!

We make tech very approachable

Our Network provides positive vibes that empower business owners to continue to develop their skills, show up more confidently online, and deliver their expertise which in turn helps them generate leads.

Our goal is to connect business owners both online and offline with the right resources – people and tools – that will help them keep moving forward in growing their business here online!

Welcome home Y-Notter's!

Start here. Start today. Start right now.

Join The Network!

For questions please feel free to reach out to Ed directly here or by joining the network and posting a question inside! 

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